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Vectra Cognito Recall
Hunt for threats with Cognito Recall


Hunt for threats with Cognito Recall

The most efficient way to hunt for threats

  • AI-assisted threat hunting.
  • Conduct conclusive, in-depth threat investigation.
  • Perform retrospective threat hunting.
  • Enterprise-wide visibility into hidden threats.
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Vectra Cognito Recall
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AI-assisted threat hunting: Looking for active threats

  • Always-learning behavioral models provide a logical starting point to perform AI-assisted threat hunting.
  • Use threat-hunting techniques to investigate indicators of compromise and historic anomalies.
  • Leverage a high-fidelity data source for threat hunting – enriched metadata – which requires far less storage space.

In-depth threat investigation: Find out what happened

The most powerful way to find and stop attackers in real time

  • Discover common threads between entities uncovered through automated threat detection.
  • Deep-dive into incidents triggered by Cognito Detect and other security tools to gain context from threat activity.
  • Find all devices accessed by compromised credentials and identify files involved in exfiltration.

Retrospective threat hunting: Reevaluate the past

  • Metadata can be stored for a near-limitless period of time for search and analysis in future investigations.
  • Intelligently investigate any workload or device activity over time, regardless of IP address changes.
  • All network metadata is associated with device, workload and host name, not just IP addresses.
  • Deep protocol visibility, not just connectivity, accelerates analysis, investigation and response.

Enterprise-wide visibility

  • Get conclusive, actionable attack details and statistics about network activity and device behavior.
  • Collect and store rich network metadata, relevant logs and cloud events for incident investigations.
  • High-fidelity visibility into attacker behaviors in cloud and data center workloads and user and IoT devices.
  • Cloud-powered limitless scale enables you to store and search rich metadata for as long as you need it.

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Vectra Products
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Vectra Cognito Recall
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